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29 May 2007
  Day 2: Lunch is a good start

This 98 days of being outdoors in the summer is going to be a challenge. I realized that I don't leave the house for 2-3 days some weeks. Working out of a home office is a wonderful thing. not having to commute every-single-day is something I don't miss. The wonders of technology like iChat, AIM, Twitter, and Conference Calls Unlimited make staying in touch with co-workers, clients and vendors a breeze! But it can also be a form of velvet handcuffs. So, it's time to schedule "outside" time into the BlackBerry/Entourage calendar.

Today was lunch in the backyard. A simple affair, with our cat as company. Reading the paper, enjoying a sandwich and listening to the birds chirp away at the feeders. Ginger, our cat, loves pretending she is a wild animal; watching her crouch behind shurbery while her prey is safely away by at least 25 feet is a hoot! The birds flit to the closest tree and chirp their annoyance when she moves about the yard, but they fly back and continue their freeloading once she has her back turned. An enjoyable 30 minutes in my backyard!

I also managed to squeeze in an hour at a local watering hole that has an outdoor seating area. A couple of friends joined me after a meeting, and we enjoyed reminicing about recent events in our community. Fresh air, cold beer and a warm spring evening can make anything you talk about that much more enjoyable.

Total for the day: 1 hour, 30 minutes.

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