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21 May 2009
  Faith-based ...

Charity depends on the vicissitudes of whim and personal wealth; justice depends on commitment instead of circumstance. Faith-based charity provides crumbs from the table; faith-based justice offers a place at the table. - Bill Moyers

This quote by Bill Moyers challenges the White House idea (still in place in the Obama Administration) that having a "faith-based" initiative will somehow improve the delivery of federally-funded social services, saving tax-payer dollars. Actions that change outcomes is what the Judeo-Christian idea of Justice is all about - not simply Charity in the form of donations or hand-outs. When the "Faith-based" office is at work to change policies and laws that favor the rich and powerful, then true justice will be at work in the United States. Until then, it is just another feel-good program that satiates a voter-block, and a check mark next to a campaign promise. 

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