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28 May 2007
  98 Days of Summer

The summer 'season' is typically defined as those days between Memorial Day and Labor Day. This year there are 98 days that are included in that time period. This time period also coincides with that wonderful period known by schoolchildren as "Summer Vacation." It's a time when the air is warm, the days are long, and having fun is one of the key objectives. After a winter of being cooped up inside, and a spring that is typically schizophrenic (often within the same 24 hour period), embracing a warm summer day is something to be treasured.

So this summer, I am going to commit to being outside part of every day. Being outside will be defined as a deliberate action aimed at outdoor living. Going to get the paper, driving from an indoor environment to another indoor environment, and other 'transitional' outdoor activities don't count. Gardening, biking, sitting on the porch/patio, going for a drive with the windows down for no other purpose than driving (even at $4/gal) all count. Length of time isn't critical - but I'll set a 15 minute minimum (need something for rainy days!) I will record each day's outdoor activity and post to my Flickr account. Comments (and encouragement) are welcome.

Today's activity is that age-old tradition in Northern Illinois - yard work! While this has been an on-going effort since early May, getting out in the garden on Memorial Day is a perennial tradition in Northern IL. Today was dedicated to my favorite ground cover: Mushroom Compost.

Total time outside: 5 hours.

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