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10 August 2010
  Sermon: Three Heavenly Habits
The sermon I preached at Barrington United Methodist Church on Sunday, August 8, 2010.

The scripture passage is Matthew 6:25-34. The total length is 22:30.


04 August 2010
  College Road Trip Day 12: Vanderbilt
Visit: Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN (photos here)
Formal presentation by Admissions Counselor

Info Session
  1. Vanderbilt academic
  2. Chancellor activist
  3. Ingram community service

Trip Log
Location: Nashville, TN
Departure Time: 9:30 AM
Destination: Cary, IL
Mileage: 520
Breakfast: Comfort Inn (Nashville, TN)
Lunch: Taco Bell (Nashville, TN)
Dinner: Wendy's (West Lafayette, IN)
Lodging: Our own beds (Cary, IL)


02 August 2010
  College Road Trip Day 11: Davidson
Visit: Davidson College, Davidson, NC (Photos here)
This visit began with a Tour, and then the Info Session followed. (This was pretty weird after having every other college visit work in the opposite manner.)

Info session
Lead by the Assistant Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid - informal q&a to start, then a (very) brief overview of the Application and Financial Aid
Trip Log
Location: Davidson, NC
Departure Time: 8:30 AM
Destination: Nashville, TN
Mileage: 440
Breakfast: Sleep Inn (Huntersville, NC)
Lunch: Chick-fil-A (Statesville, NC)
Dinner: Jack's BBQ (Nashville, TN)
Lodging: Comfort Inn (Nashville, TN)


01 August 2010
  College Road Trip Day 10: Charlotte
It's a Sunday - another no-school-tour day. Ten days on the road, and hotels and restaurant food are catching up with us. We opted for a movie to pass the time. Anna had not seen Inception, so we found an AMC theatre on the way to our next college (Davidson). We both enjoyed the movie (my second viewing), and analyzed it over lunch at Panera. This is a the great thing about watching your child mature - you can experience the same thing and have an intelligent conversation about it, learning about each other in the process. We've had many of these conversations on the road the past ten days, and I'm certain that she will be successful in college.

We collapsed in our room at the Sleep Inn. At this point, nothing sounded good to eat (we're discovering the limit on how many times you can eat out before it loses its appeal ;-) A call home brought the diagnosis: red meat (specifically steak.) The amazing thing is that this part of North Carolina has more hibachi/sushi places than good old-fashioned steak houses (who wudda thunk?)

I will be glad to be home in 2 days, but will be sad that this time with Anna is coming to an end.

Trip Log
Location: Charlotte, NC
Departure Time: 10:30 AM
Destination: Huntersville, NC
Mileage: 20
Breakfast: Comfort Inn (Charlotte, NC)
Lunch: Panera (Charlotte, NC)
Dinner: LongHorn Steakhouse (Huntersville, NC)
Lodging: Sleep Inn (Huntersville, NC)


  College Road Trip Day 9: Charlotte
It's a Saturday - no school tours available. Anna slept in today, and I had a work conference call. The weather called for rain in the afternoon, we we headed out to CaroWinds, an amusement and water park. We were primarily interested in the water park, with two wave pools, five water slides, one tube river ride, and three kiddie areas. My favorite was the tube river ride - which I could have stayed on half the time we were there (they keep you from repeating if the line is long.) We also took in the amusement park, with Anna really liking the wooden roller coaster. (I realized that my roller coaster riding days are coming to an end...) People watching is inevitable at a place like this - let's just say that every possible combination of body type was present (and in many cases too visible.)

Evening brought dinner (KFC in the room) and laundry (machines in the hotel, and on our floor!) and Pirates of the Caribbean/At World's End.

Trip Log
Location: Charlotte, NC
Departure Time: 10:30 AM
Destination: Fort Mill, SC
Mileage: 40
Breakfast: Comfort Inn (Charlotte, NC)
Lunch: McDonalds (Charlotte, NC)
Dinner: KFC in our room (Charlotte, NC)
Lodging: Comfort Inn (Charlotte, NC)

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